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You are not satisfied with your interior decoration and you want to make it more attractive. Our cheap wall art collection will add color to your interior and allow you to display photo prints on high quality canvas at a very affordable price. Our stretched canvases can be mounted on a frame. We have several sizes and options for frames


A decorative painting printed on canvas faithfully reproduces a photograph, a map or an abstract painting that you wish to integrate into your decoration. We have chosen visuals with strong colors to give your decoration a modern look and a zen atmosphere. Some of these visuals are presented on several panels.

Melt for an illustration of Buddha in a Zen setting

A modern painting on canvas representing the Buddha can be mounted on a frame to create a relaxed and zen atmosphere. The large Buddha triptych is a great choice, as it reflects serenity in a bathroom or bedroom. We offer this XXL wall decoration at an attractive price.

Try flowers on skulls

Our collection of skull photos presents warm colors on a sometimes black background for a contrasting wall decoration. They are well known for bringing a modern and warm touch to an interior. For a more modern and zen look, you can add pink or yellow flowers to this theme.

Decorate your home with an animal photo on canvas

Part of our collection of animal photos can be found on our page of decorative paintings at reduced prices. To create a selective atmosphere with refined decoration, we offer you the black and white painting of the lion on canvas.

Enjoy an abstract painting printed on canvas

Abstract art is a popular choice for wall decor. It looks great printed on canvas and presents well against a white background. Our assortment of canvas prints includes paint and materials, as well as street art featuring Banksy's famous Little Girl with the Red Balloon.

Take a deep breath and admire the landscape photos

For wall decoration, landscape photos and painting can create a feeling of warmth and zen. High quality panels are available at a favorable price. Each image is reproduced on a single canvas or on triptych paintings, or on XXL paintings.

Explore the world with your canvas map

We understand the beauty and appeal that a world map can bring to a kitchen or living room. We have chosen single, triptych or multiple decorative panels at affordable prices. Some of our world maps are very graphic, like the red or colored model. Others are more designer, like the white and black model with a yellowed print or the one with a paper print.


Our range of printed canvas decoration is mounted on discreet and solid wooden frames. To give them a clean, unadorned appearance, we have chosen to offer them without edges. The photo, painting or photograph is presented in several panels in shimmering colors and giving off a striking feeling of material, especially when placed on a white background.

A stunning “paint effect” rendering

Each painting or abstract art print is printed on the canvas in a very realistic way. Sometimes you might even think that this wall decoration came straight from an artist's studio. It is printed using a modern process which gives it a real appearance.

A larger-than-life photo canvas print

Thanks to a high-tech canvas printing process, photos from our painting collection can be reproduced. These photos are all professional photographs of animals, plants and landscapes. We offer individual panels, triptychs and more, all printed in black, white or color with a very fine grain, even in XXL format.

A collection in constant evolution

Our photo panels which are devoted to abstract art and painting as well as the one which highlights photography, are constantly updated. We often update our section on decorative paintings at attractive prices for your greatest pleasure. We invite you to come back often to see the latest printed photo available to you for your wall decoration.

A solid painting mounted in a wooden frame

The wooden frame material guarantees the longevity of the painting and the smooth finish of the print. Each print is carefully checked before leaving our premises. They are frameless, giving them a modern, neutral look that can be used with any type of decor. Our illustrations are precisely printed, even in XXL size.

Monpaindeco understands that decorating your home is important for your health and well-being. We are committed to providing high quality canvas prints that reflect your personal style. You can choose from a variety of formats and brightly colored visuals to suit your decoration and home layout to create a harmonious and subtle effect.

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