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What type of painting should you choose to decorate your living room?

A painting is an essential decorative element in a room that welcomes guests. It can attract their attention and add beauty to your home. It can be used subtly to enhance your decor with bright and unusual images.

There are thousands of options depending on the style of wall decor you choose. If you choose wall decoration well, it can create a relaxing atmosphere. This guide will help you find the right model for your living room walls.

Let's get started!

Consider these factors when choosing a board: First, affinity history is what drives choosing a board. Everyone is free to choose the one they like best. He must meet certain criteria to be in harmony with others.

The painting must be in harmony with the decor of the living room. To have a uniform decoration, the painting must have the same style as the decorative objects in the living room. You can either stay in the same colors or create a contrast, the painting must be associated with the dominant colors of the living room. It can match the curtains and walls, or display a different color to highlight them.

Choose a painting adapted to the style of your living room; the atmosphere and style of decoration of the living room will also influence the choice of painting.

Do you prefer rustic decor? Scandinavian? Natural ? Contemporary ? Baroque? etc. These clues will help you choose the right model. There are many types of paintings: landscapes and still lifes, portraits, objects, landscapes, and even flowers. The big trends for 2019 are forests, flowers and plants like sunflowers. The size of the canvas is another important parameter to take into account. It is crucial that the canvas fits the space. You won't choose a small painting to fill a large living room, or a large canvas for a smaller living room. You can highlight your wall with a large canvas if you don't have shelves, mirrors, etc.

Two small paintings are better if you have a busy wall decoration.

The different types of decorative paintings

There are two types of paintings that can be used to decorate your living room today. There is hand painted picture. On the other, there is the printed canvas. Everyone has their own qualities. The hand-painted picture is a unique decoration that uses acrylic paint to create its designs. It is generally the work and know-how of a painter. This is why it is more expensive than a printed canvas painting. Hand-painted paintings are unique and individual pieces that demonstrate the artist's skill. This type of painting will guarantee you an exceptional decoration.

  • Printed canvas

The printed canvas painting is, as its name suggests, a painting whose patterns are printed by printers. As it is less expensive, it is a more economical alternative to hand-painted canvas. It is equally beautiful in terms of quality. It offers photographic precision and perfect reproduction of all the chosen patterns. It can be personalized as you wish. Simply choose a photo of your family or a landscape, or even your pets, and have it printed.

The table can then be reorganized endlessly according to individual tastes. Paintings that focus on landscapes are aimed at enthusiasts who love nature and travel. They are perfect in a seaside setting. You can also find paintings that represent animals inviting themselves into a living space decorated with natural decoration. Abstract paintings are also available. These paintings are perfect for small rooms with minimal decor. They do not need to be overloaded with images and give the illusion of expanding the space.

Pop art paintings are another option that can be used to highlight urban living rooms. There are so many designs and themes to choose from. Styles of paintings that can be adapted to the living space: The most popular models for the living room are large and very decorative. They add style and character to any decoration. They look great hung on the wall above the sofa, sideboard or column to encourage you to escape from reality. The budget for a painting.