Throughout the millennia, the mountain has been a powerful source of inspiration. They fascinate and intrigue everyone, from the artist to the thinker to the mountaineer. Explore our collection of mountain paintings.

The majestic mountain seduces with its mysterious atmosphere and its almost mystical appearance. The mountain is a landscape which has been a source of inspiration for painting, canvases and paintings throughout different eras of art history.

A painting and a mountain landscape to add height to your decoration

A mountain landscape is a tranquil setting that includes a river, pine forest, sparse forests, and snow-capped mountains. It can be enjoyed in spring, fall, winter or summer.

Most often, the simple sight of an art painting representing a mountain landscape gives us the impression of being on vacation. If the painting depicts a snow-capped mountain, we can already imagine ourselves on our future ski vacation. If the mountain painting is a spring or summer landscape, we can imagine ourselves relaxing in the grass and enjoying the silence of the mountain.

You can choose an image of a mountain landscape to decorate your wall.

Why choose a mountain canvas for your living room?

Who wouldn't dream of living in a mountain chalet and being able to see the mountains from their window? How to make this dream come true? You can do this by placing mountain images in strategic locations in your living room. You will thus have the illusion of looking at the mountain from the window of your chalet.

If you like winter sports, you can decorate your fireplace with a painting of a mountain landscape.

Why choose a mountain painting to decorate your office?

Regular remote workers know how difficult it can be to work from home and not have to go to your office. A printed image of a mountain landscape can be a great way for you to escape your desk and take a break.

Depending on the emotional response that this mysterious landscape provokes in you, a mountain image can be a source of inspiration, strength and resilience, or calm. To escape the stress of work, look up at your mountain painting.

Why choose a mountain painting to decorate your bedroom?

The mountain landscape paintings are perfect for decorating the top of a fireplace, or a work desk. However, mountain landscape paintings that depict a spring or summer landscape are perfect for decorating a bedroom.

Imagine waking up every morning to see a painting of magnificent mountains in summer colors. There is a stream flowing through the pine forest and flowers opening with the first rays of the sun.

There's no better place to wake up in a positive mood than this!

If you are an adventurer and have the will to conquer, choose a large-scale mountain painting or a triptych featuring a mountain surrounded or not by a river or a large lake. It’s a landscape worthy of Indiana Jones that he would be proud of!

If you are a dreamer or prefer a calming wall decoration, a mountain print with a field of bucolic plants is the best choice.

Your wall decoration will look beautiful in every room of your home, wherever it is displayed. Attention ! Be careful!